A Foundation of Bones


Stockholm is built on the bones of our dead. For over a millennium, the city sprawled and clawed its way across the land by swallowing smaller townships and tearing farmland into cobblestone and concrete. Growing like a tumour, Stockholm devoured the old lands, and with it the traditions, beliefs and Gods of its people. Entire districts were raised on top of paupers cemeteries and mass graves, bones and skulls crushed into the morass to make way for progress, to nourish the insatiable city.

Stockholm is built on the bones of our dead. Where are those bones now? Their Gods? What tales would they tell could they speak? Grab a shovel, and I will tell you stories. The ossuaries of Stockholm lies unearthed.


My name is Daniel A. Lagergren, and I'm an author of weird tales and horror fiction. I write horror novels, novellas, poems, screenplays, and scripts, some of will be published or promoted, here together with photographs from my Instagram. Enjoy.



Short Stories

In my stories we visit the dark places of the mind, and stay until we're no longer welcome. Here you will find a selection of short stories and poems.


Short Stories

In the Woods Somewhere
October 2017



Inga jävla hjältar
13 Svarta Sagor om Superskurkar
May 2018



I take pictures using an iPhone X. While I appriciate more advanced equipment, pictures appear unannounced, unbidden if you will, and therefore without walking around with an expensive digital camera at all times, I could not take the pictures I want to take. 


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Spotify Playlists

Music and sounds play an integral part in my creativity. Not one for making noise myself, I prefer to listen and experience music and ambiance. When writing, some of these playlists help me get into the right mood, or inspire me. I hope you will find the selection of songs here to your liking. 


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